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General Information

Typed Script
The title of the work, name(s) of the author(s), appointment and place of work, telephone number and e-mail address; typed on a separate sheet of a paper serving as “cover” for the work.

The name(s) of the author(s) should be written after the title in the order of surname, first and middle name with the highest educational qualification; the department of the author and his/her institutional affiliation (where applicable) followed by the telephone number and e-mail address

The abstract should not exceed 150 words. It should bear the title without the name of the author and follow the cover on a separate sheet.

Referencing should follow APA’s latest edition.
Methodology should include a concise explanation of the design, sample and sampling, instruments and a well articulated method of data gathering. The result in tabular form should be followed by a brief explanation.

All typed scripts should be submitted to:

The Editor,
Department of Languages,
Federal Polytechnic, Offa,
Kwara State,

e-copy should be sent as an attachment to any of our e-mail addresses below:


Manuscripts should be typewritten double-spaced on one side of A4 paper, using Microsoft Word, Times New Roman with font size of 12. All non-English words and terms should be italicized. A margin of 2.5cm should be left on the sides of all sheets. Manuscripts should be organized in the following sequence.

Title page:This should contain the concise of work (not more than 15 words), Full name of author (s), complete address for correspondence, including e-mail address and telephone number.

Abstract:This must be brief. It should not be more than 200 words. It should spell out the research problem(s), the theoretical framework (where it is applicable), the research method and the significant findings. 3 – 5 keywords should be appended at the end of the abstract.

Text:This should be divided into introduction, which includes a very brief literature review, materials and methods, data presentation and analysis, discussion of results/findings and observation; and conclusion.
References:Reference should be made to only published materials, using APA’s latest edition. All works cited must be documented in the references.


Submit at first instance, three copies of manuscript. If the paper contains figures, they should be of high quality for reproduction. An electronic copy of the manuscript should be sent to OJAST e-mail: offainternationaljournal@gmail.com. Alternatively, the CD copy should be submitted at the editor’s office. The computer file should be in Microsoft Word. All manuscripts should be sent to: The Editor

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